“Die Going Forward” is a phrase I picked up from a close friend and mentor during my time training in Wado-ryu Karate. It is not morbid or dramatic. It’s simply a philosophy, and one that has become a core tenet of how I choose to live my life. I may not always live up to this standard, but I try. To put it briefly, the DGF mind-set encourages one to live mindfully, to accept the challenges of life as part of the path, part of the PRACTICE of living. Action with conviction, despite our innate fears or the voices of inner demons.

In karate, we practice committing to our offensive/defensive actions. Otherwise, why do it? There is danger when moving in close to an opponent, but you have to move in – uncomfortably close – for a given technique to be effective. THIS is the practice. As another mentor/influencer puts it, “Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.” Bettering ourselves as human BEings requires discomfort and danger (to our egos, at least). This is the essence of DGF.

DGF.com is a collection of ramblings by me, Nick Kirkes. My goal is to inspire and empower individuals to chase and capture the best version of themselves, in any endeavor, and to live mindfully, with PURPOSE. I write about the inner and outer challenges presented by our existence, generally in the context of self-improvement through mindfulness, fitness and well-being, nutrition, and inter-personal relationships.

Thank you for reading! I hope some part of what I have to offer here is useful to you. I’m eager to hear if that’s the case.

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